1988-1993 5.0L & 5.8L EFI Harness

Price: $280.00

We build the finest Early Bronco conversion EFI Harness avaiable. Send us your CORE 1988-1993 Mustang 5.0L HO Mass Air EFI harness and let us build a harness for you.

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Extreme Headlight Harness

Price: $69.00

Low Beam, High Beam or Both You Decide.. Stock Bronco wiring is barely adequate for low power, factory style headlights. Upgrading to high wattage, H4 headlights tax your wiring and headlight switch even more. Our eXtreme Headlight Harness kit routes power to your headlights through relays instead of your headlight switch.

EGR Eliminator Plug

Price: $20.00

EGR Eliminator send a signal to the computer that the EGR is closed . The computer then knows the EGR is permanently closed. Keeps the annoying CHECK ENGINE light OFF, and more importantly keeps the engine running smoothly.

Lincoln Mark 8 VIII & Taurus 2 Speed Fan Relay Harness Special

Price: $69.00

Easiest way to replace a Fan Clutch or upgrade your ride with a two speed fan like the 93-96 Lincoln Mark VIII RF and 94-95 FORD Taurus 94/97 Thunderbird / Mercury Cougar.

30/40 Amp Relay Kit

Price: $10.00

This kit can be used for electric fan, fog lights, electric fuel pump, electric water pump, horns and more. This includes a 12 volt 30/40 amp 4 pin relay with 14g wire 18 inch leads. This relay kit will eliminate a high voltage drop in the wires so it allows your components work full voltage and properly.

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